... Is a group cost center and group cost centers cannot be used in transactions

Hi there,

I am trying to get my first purchase invoice booked, but it seems I don’t miss something about the structure of the cost-centers and hope, anyone will be able to help me out.

I have a Cost Center structure, which aims to handle migrated data, which doesn’t have enough information, to be booked in full depth.

So I needed another structure, so I renamed the proposed Cost Center to “Vst. relevant” and changed it to be a group of Cost Centers:


So my expectation is, that the invoices may relate to the groups’ child cost centers as long as they’re not a group itself (what’s not the case here).

Am I right with that?

Then I created an Item, which I want to refer to in the invoice. In the item I attached the Default Buying Cost Center Möbel (which is a child of the Group’s Cost Center), which it should refer to basically.

The attached Item Group doesnt have any further settings.

In the invoice itself it seems again, that the details of the transfered item data are correctly transfered.

As well as the Accounting Dimension does fit to the Child Cost Center Möbel

When I finally try to “Submit” this purchase invoice, I get the error, that it’s not possible to address a Cost Center Group.

Purchase Invoice EINV-2022-021001: Cost Center **VSt. relevant - RS** is a group cost center and group cost centers cannot be used in transactions

But I don’t figure out, where this association comes from? The mentioned Cost Center is of course the parent of my referred Cost Center. But this should be a valid pattern, shouldn’t it?

Thanks alot for your help!

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ok during my further investigation I noticed, that there were a few references in the Company set this Group Cost Center, what is wrong, obviously.

But unfortunately still the same behavior after I changed that and created a new invoice.

Is there any way, to get the information, where in the invoice the reference to the wrong Cost Center is detected?

Wow… I finally got it.
The Cost Center had references to the two tax templates for purchase- and sales tax rules.
The association is not visible by default… you first need to adjust the table maintainance layout to see the associated Cost Center.

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