Is a Machine - a Workstation, Warehouse or Asset?

I think this needs some discussion with respect to the upgrades in v11.
I am looking at a scenario where I want to define the following for a machine in a typical manufacturing setup.

Workstation - Production Planning
Warehouse - Stock Keeping (for defining movement of stock to and from the machine/ manufacturing stock entries)
Asset - Maintenance

A) How do we link it to accounts (cost centre?)
B) Shouldn’t there be an option to link these together?
C) Should Work Stations also have a tree structure?

At the end of the day I think the following reports will be helpful in this setup.
1- Capacity planning (& equipment utilisation per month)
2- Breakdown and maintenance, time and costs

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I’m with you. It’s very complicated though. For you could have movable machines and immovable (or at least not easily moved) machines. So, the immovable machines can get tied down to a workstation, but a movable one (like a hand grinder) may move from one workstation to another.

Capacity Planning? It will be many years before we can get there as there are too many complexities associated with that.

We should build something that captures the flow of manufacturing and in a complex manufacturing process build the time dimension of raw materials requirements into the BOM.

We have an Android app that is getting tested out (works with ERPNext on the back end) that will make it a breeze to pass manufacturing entries. I’m happy to showcase it to you and the community in about a month.

But yes, you are bang on the right track.