Is Administrator login disabled?

I did a bench update, and now I cannot login as a Administrator. Anything changed? Here is the screenshot of js console. I faced the same issue of

frappe_ldap page not rendering properly due to some tags missing. (@JamesE helped me fix it). I wodner if this is also related to that.

Yeah, same thing here. Luckily I had an account with every role enabled already set up, so it didn’t affect me very much. No idea why and didn’t troubleshoot it at all.

@nabinhait @anand Could one of you please help? Not sure if this issue is prevalent across the board, or just the 2 of us.

Can’t read anything from your screenshot. Please share a better one.

@kirthi, @JamesE this is a bad formed assets!

use bench build and try again

@nabinhait This is the latest console -

@max_morais_dmm I did bench build, and still the same issue.