Is anyone printing POS receipts from Andriod browser yet?

Is anyone using an Android tablet for POS at this time?

I am NOT asking about the andriod app (I know that doesn’t work yet), but even just running it in a browser like Firefox or Chrome?

If so, how do you print your customer receipts?

So far I can only get it to work on a Windows tablet, but that is not an acceptable platform.

What about a chromebook (running ChromeOS)? Has anyone tried that and been able to print?


@bkm I have used POS on chromebook and it works fine, Just setup your printer with Google Print

Do you need to have a “Cloud Print” compatible printer for this? Most of the thermal receipt printers are not listed as cloud print compatible. In fact I haven’t seen any up to this point on Amazon. What kind of printer did you use?


I have created CUPS server and connected that printer to it. Alternatively, you can connect your classic printer to windows PC to connect it to Google print