Is anyone using ERPNext for recording Stock Trading on Equity Markets?

What is the best way to record trading transactions and maintaining account books using ERPNext.
Specifically how should we record the following transactions:

  • Buying a stock via Broker on NSE/BSE for a specific Demat Account at a certain price.

  • Updating the value of Stocks periodically as per market rate. Also tracking change in stock value

*Recording a selling transaction and calculating capital gains(profit)

It seems to me that it should be an entire module ? It will be really helpful if someone has some experience with ERPNext and Stock Market.


I am also wondering if I could use ERPNext for trading and portfolio management for myself and my clients together in one company.

@dhananjay @Amarjeet_Singh_Sintu

Check below the the details of implementation of erpnext for brokerage company

May be Zerodha can make a contribution ?

These are not personal investments, but stock investments made by an organization.