Is anyone using iPad tablets with POS Awesome? What browser works best?

Has anyone used iPads with POS Awesome in v13?

If you have, can you tell me what browser worked best for you?

I normally avoid anything Apple but I might have to try to make it work soon due to an ALL Apple shop wanting to adopt ERPNext.

Thanks all. As always, your assistance it greatly appreciatd.

BKM :nerd_face:

Hi @bkm I’m conducting tests with Awesome POS + ERPNEXT Installed on a Raspberry pi!

Soon I’ll share my adventures and which screen size fits better!

I’m testing range of screen
7", 10", 15", 19", 27", I know the bigger the best, but I want also test into the small ones!


Thanks Max but I am more interested in how the browsers on Apple iPads works with using ERPNext. In the past I had a chance to test this on some old iPads and the Safari browser (only one available then) could not do things like scroll the screen or connect to links properly.

Even though the Safari browser for windows sort of worked better, the iPad was pretty much un-usable.

So I am asking again to see if anyone else has any “recent” experience with the iPads and particularly POS Awesome.

BKM :nerd_face:

I just wanted to say I think this is awesome, Max. :slight_smile:
Raspberry Pi 3 or 4?

@EnSeal do you want to speak to this? I know you tried deploying in a cake shop chain with some IPADs in store. How di it work for you ?

@bkm how do you plan to handle printing of receipts?


@brian_pond Raspberry Pi 4

This company already uses the iPads with a very custom application that was written for them 6 years ago. The creator no longer supports it and is also nowhere to be found.

The current is using some printing function of the IOS that allows them to print directly to HP printers through a direct wifi link. The iPads themselves have cell phone radios in them and access the internet with the cell tower broadband connection. They do not print on thermal printers. They use full page desktop printers via wifi.

Although, if you know of anyone doing thermal printing from an iPad I would be interested in reading how they did that as well. :smile:


@bkm, @olamide_shodunke I used this recipe in the past, to turn a set of legacy USB ESC/POS printer into an network printers

An most updated one

It worked like a charm, and I was fully able to print from android, on the ESC/POS printers!

Hi @bkm Which Raw commands/print format are you using to print to thermal print and autocut receipt of height less than the default 8.0inch

Not using thermal printers with tablets. I use the HP Print app to print wireless to HP laser or desktop inkjet printers. I only use thermal printers on Windows terminals.