Is Docker a good choice for Production?

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I want to know more about the performance of a frappe docker image in production mode, Is it a good choice?


in my humble opinion: “NO”, you can’t rely on Docker for production environment. - Docker can shine for Micro-services and testing purposes only, and your option should be : DIY.

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Well I stumbled on this enthralling Docker Seattle talk by a Joyent CTO in 2015

Joyent apparently leverages the Docker API to run Docker + SmartOS + LX-branded zones + SmartDataCenter

A 60 minute video, lots of informative entertaining gems

Since Docker aims to make ‘best use’ of resources like ram, cpu & io - that of course govern performance -
then best not use it for production if that is your biggest concern.

As this here notes with good comments from users

It can get more applications running on the same hardware than other technologies; it makes it easy for developers to quickly create ready-to-run containered applications; and it makes managing and deploying applications much easier.

That said Docker demands decisions 9 Critical Decisions for Running Docker in Production

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I think the only thing I would add here without too much knowing on this field myself, is that Docker development and maturity has grown so so much in the last few years that any background reading you do should be based on fairly up to date sources, as this is a system that is maturing very rapidly. People are deploying applications using Docker in Production more and more instead of only for DevOps.

As a small note, the code for Discuss, ie this forum is always packaged primarily by the maintainers as a Docker container rather than anything else … they prefer to support Docker as their preferred Production deployment mechanism which is somewhat interesting …

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