Is Dunning created Automatically based on ageing? Dunning for Multiple invoices?

Hello All,

  1. Wanted to know if Dunning is created automatically at regular intervals based on the ageing on Sales Invoice? Don’t see any related function in to create it automatically
  2. Is it possible to create one Dunning for multiple Sales Invoices together? Or is the relation one Dunning to one Sales Invoice?

Hi i have the same question like number 2, do u have the answer for those question?

Although Dunning states otherwise, it is still one dunning for one invoice.

Once dunning per customer rather than per invoice becomes possible, automatic dunning should be an easy thing.

I wonder if that is on the list of features…

Digging deeper it turns out “Notifications” can do our automatic dunning based on due_date and status. Also it can do “send via e-mail on submit”.