Is Email Inbox work properly or not?

Please I spent too much time to setup the email inbox but I noted the following:

  • send and receive working good, but emails appears in inbox for all users (emails for another users appears in the inbox of any specific user).
    Please advise if there are special steps to setup inbox properly, or of this is a known issue let’s contribute to solve it.

This is a known issue. I think it was mentioned on the forums before a few months ago. There may be a bug report too

thanks @Julian_Robbins how we can contribute to solve this issue?


Firstly we should define the problem via bug report or issue on Github.

I had a quick look and could not see such a report . You may wish to check
too. There have been a few times this problem has been mentioned on the
forums. Links to the discussions need to be added too.

I am a member of the CRM and email community team and we hope to work on a
number of these issues and will target some of the issues with a CRM or
Email tag in Github


Thanks @Julian_Robbins I think all the email system shall be changed to reliable one, and happy to help in any design requirement. I am not a developer.

Did you setup email account in the user’s profile?
For more details please check step number 4 in user manual

Thanks @rohit_w for your reply, I had done all the steps and I noted this issue of email inbox from long time.
I tried many times to setup email inbox but not work and I made a lot of topics but no solution.
I am disappointed, please help to give a step by step configuration.

Same here, worked no for days on this topic. No solution.