Is ERPNext 13 has restaurant domain

Is ERPNext 13 has restaurant module if yes how can I enable or if not what can I do to use restaurant domain in ERPNext??

Hi @megha007,

I think, In versions 14 and 15, the hospitality app/module will no longer be available.

However, it was still included in version 13. But, it’s important to note, that Frappe has stopped providing support for version 13 and older.

For more information, please refer to the guidelines.

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In erpnext 14, given link can be used ?

try it.

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There is an app on Frappe Cloud Marketplace whose Github repo says it supports version 13.

can I create receipe for restaurant menu item and manage/decide cost of Item ?

I think the app is more about a POS system customized for a restaurant, and I’ve never used it and was only aware it existed because I ran across a video overview. With that being said, any items/variants/bundles, etc. you create will be available in the POS. As far as creating recipes, that would probably be a great new thread to see what others in the restaurant industry are doing. I would think using the manufacturing module would be way too involved in a fast-paced environment like a restaurant.