Is erpnext 14 safe to use?

hello comunity.
is erpnext14 safe to use for a real company ? and can you give some info about it . thank you

Hmm… This is a question more about your abilities to support a version than it is about the version itself.

V14 is still in Beta.

As a word of caution…

I tried to use the last v13 Beta version to start out a small company only to find that 2 weeks later when the production release was finally available there were significant differences in the UI and the schema. The Beta version was NOT supported since there was a valid production release available.

So, if you are willing to provide all of your own support for the v14 beta, then it is probably ok for you to use it in a client site. However, if you want the future updates to work, then I would wait for the first production release candidate (and maybe even several point releases first).

Just my thoughts based on my experiences in January of last year.

As always → Your Mileage May Vary! :sunglasses:


I agree with @bkm as far as using in production. I have it running on a Ubuntu 20 VM with test data for a few weeks now and it seems stable. Some nice new features, but again, it is beta so yes, YMMV.

Yes, it’s risky to use v14 beta in production. We were trying the v14 beta for our special interest for a few features available in v14 like tab break feature, roles for workspace and use of the title for link fields. However, we found bugs in tab break and it does not always refresh the components and created issues. So we are developing a custom solution in such a way that we can create v13 compatibility and deploy a solution for v 13.

Hi, I didn’t see this in the PRs or announced, I’m curious how it works, do you remember how it could be listed on GitHub?

See This Image , This is available in Workspace ( A merged PR)


Nice, thanks!

It’s “safe”, there are some new (experimental) features but previous functionality should ideally work as-is. Take a backup of your site and try it on separate instance if you just want to check things out.

There won’t be major UI changes this time because all those went in v13. ( exception 1 and exception 2)

PS: We run Frappe’s ERPNext instance on bleeding edge versions always :grimacing: (bleeding edge = ahead of beta)

draft changelog:


The correct answer is to never run a production server on beta code, but I’ll say that I’m immensely impressed by how stable v14-beta-3 is. We loaded up a beta instance just to test our internal customizations, but it has been so stable that we’re planning to migrate over immediately. Of course, your mileage may vary!

Version 13 was a huge release in so many ways, but it really feels like Version 14 realizes the vision. It is a whole new level of maturity and polish. I know it’s been a huge amount of work to get this far, and serious congratulations are due to everyone involved. :beers:


Thank you @ankush for your comments. I agree but Tab Break has issues, and workspace 2 has issues. The issues may be small and maybe fixed quickly but if the user adopts a tab break functionally and the form does not refresh so doc types become unusable at all. So we advised a new corporate client to customize in such a way that we can revert back to v13 if the bugs could not be addressed in near future by our own team, community or Frappe. we reported tabbreak issue Fields not displayed on using Tab field · Issue #16645 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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@CA_B.C_Chechani Did anything successful ever happen with those “DocType Layouts”? I remember you and I experimented with them ~1 year ago. I haven’t had time to re-examine since then.

Thanks for reminding me! As we could not see a workable Doctype Layout feature at that time, so we dropped the idea to use that feature. We solved our client requirements in a different way i.e. creating multiple doctypes and inserting doc to main doc type after insert event. However, Frappe is now v14 Beata so we should re-visit the Doctype Layout and update at Forum. We also found one important drawback is that DOCTYpe layout can not be called at Workspace, which is the need of every organization as we provide access to users through the workspace.

So, whenever changes are made to the secondary DocTypes, those changes are repeated inside the main ones?

You’ll lose a little speed and disk space. But that’s a pretty interesting and clever approach!

I’ve just been forking the repositories, and editing the DocTypes directly. Moving fields around, adding column and section breaks, hiding fields the client doesn’t want to see, making others read-only.

It makes upgrades challenging. But until something like DocType Layouts exists, it’s the best approach I’ve been able to find.

I don’t think so , even I suggest 3 month after stable version released start to upgrade .

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