Is ERPNext ready to be Vendor Neutral? My thoughts from the 2018 Conference

Dear all,

Finally got sometime to write down my thoughts from the conference. I think there were lots of questions, some clarity and some confusion. Would love to have feedback.


Very nice article. One point that you made at the conference that didn’t make it into the article was a follow-on point. That historically there has been a lack of contributions but that there is (at least at this very moment) a bottleneck in reviewing contributions. With all the positive energy around the conference I want to make sure that organizing around this point doesn’t get lost. We (the community, including Frappe) need a way to prime a pipeline of qualified maintainers and that’s a discussion worth having (in another thread so as to not hijack this one.) It seems to me to be one of the harder problems to solve, so I don’t want it to get ignored.


Rushabh, thanks for a very informative article. There is further more clarity on Service Provider’s role in ERPNext eco system. It is always easy for a Service Provider to sell a ‘free of cost’ product. But the real difficulty is to serve back to the product in terms of contribution. It is the moral obligation of the Service Providers to perform this balancing act. As you have rightly mentioned, ‘Give and Take’ attitude will not workout here for sure.