Is ERPnext source code editable?

Hi Everyone,

i’m new to frappe framework as well as Pyhton since 2 days ago.

What i was wondering is ERPnext source code editable? and how?
I hv already install the frappe framework with the ERPnext from the tutorial using ubuntu desktop and I hv successfully host the website on my localhost.

However, when i want to change the source code which is in .py or .js or even .html it says [Read-Only].

So, can i edit the source code? I will appreciate any kind of help.

Luned Hernando

@Luned_Hernando welcome to the fourm!

Start with the tutorial

The files are not read-only. Where are you checking them from?

sorry for late respone, i finally figure it out that i open a wrong folder which is the frappe folder. Then i found the erpnext folder and it is editable! thanks for replying :smile: