Is erpnext state-full or stateless application

is erpnext state-full or stateless application

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ERPNext is open-source software that helps businesses manage different modules like Stock, Accounting, Buying, selling, Manufacturing and etc. It keeps track of all the information related to these modules.

So, ERPNext is mostly a stateful application, which means it remembers things. It stores and manages data in a database. For example, if you add a new product to your inventory or update a customer’s information, ERPNext will remember those changes and keep them saved.

However, ERPNext also has some stateless features. This means it can communicate with other systems without remembering things for a long time. For instance, it can share data with another application or receive information from an external source. This kind of communication doesn’t require a continuous memory of past interactions.

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@NCP Thanks a lot for your details explanation. I have one more question like can I deploy ERPNext with AWS Auto Scaling

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I haven’t any idea about that.

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Where is the state?

  • redis data for cache, queue
  • mariadb/postgres databases for sites
  • sites volume (r/w filesystem) to store configs and uploaded files

Processes are stateless, data is in above services.

We were able to achieve AWS EKS + based auto scaling. State is kept in:

  • Elasticache (redis)
  • RDS (mariadb)
  • EFS (sites vol)
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@revant_one Thank you very much