Is ERPNext version-15-hotfix good to use

Currently im using ERPNext version-15-hotfix which suits for india compliance app . My doubt is, is it good to be in the mentioned version or to move to any other stable version?

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We suggest that if you are on a live server, you should use version 15. For testing and development servers, you can opt for version-15-hotfix. Version-15-hotfix resembles the development branch because it incorporates daily changes, which can sometimes lead to issues if there are incorrect commits. However, we recommend version 15 because it includes all weekly changes from version-15-hotfix.

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In the server i have some data, so if i move from the version-15-hotfix to version 15 , will the india-compliance will work in it or not and will there be any kind of data loss?

Depends on the customization. otherwise, create a new server with version 15, restore the database, and check the whole data in the restored site.

Till now no customizations are done in that so is it safe to switch branch ?

Yes, make sure first take a backup after then go ahead with the step.

Ok @NCP , Thank you for your time.