Is Event Streaming feature working properly?!

Dear erpnext experts and @rucha_mahabal,
Please advise, is Event Streaming feature working properly??!!
How can we make it better??
Can we rely on this feature to be implemented on real action or not yet?
We tried many times but this feature not working…
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I was a huge proponent of the concept, but I stopped testing it a while back.

I think I will take it up again and list out my frustrations with it.

Hopefully this list should be shorter now, I expect significant improvement over the last year.

I still believe this is the direction to go

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Can you explain what all problems you are facing, so that we can work on it?


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Hi @rucha_mahabal and thanks for your reply.
I am trying from more than 10 days to activate event streaming between local site (has public IP as producer site) and cloud site (on frappe cloud as consumer site) but I didn’t succeed, even after following all documentation and other related topics.
I added the host name under site_config file for producer site (htttp://my IP:port).te
And I do nothing on site_config file for consumer.

Now I ma facing the following issues:
1- I can not save Event Producer on Consumer site and got the following error:

2- If I deleted consumer event or producer event and trying to recreated again I have got the following message:

The issue here: Event Producer Last Update Duplicate entry issue

Please advise to make ERPNext best ERP system.
@Mohammed_Redha @PyJumper please share any ideas.

I opened the following issues:


Hi @dufani1

Did you find a solution or workaround ?

Kind regards,

Adding “host_name” to the site_config in the Event Producer site helped us get past this. Now we’re encountering an issue with the document (Sales Invoice) syncing… something about the root account must be a group :frowning: