Is frappe just for the erpnext program or can it be used for other programs

2 things. I have a final where I have to be able to create a simple web app. I am also looking for a framework to work on a music and video saas app.

Frappe is a full stack framework with Batteries Included You can know more about frappe framework in

hi @studentofmsu !

Frappe is a fullstack framework (like Django) and can be used to build any kind of applications you’d like.

Just refer the following links:

Here is Rushabh replicating an entertainment portal during the recent conference in under an hour:

to start building your own app, you can look at the tutorial or the docs:

I wrote this in the frappe framework forum as well. I think the two are close to the same. I have an organic chemistry final as well which makes this very easy. haha. If you could help me on a few parts that would be great.

  1. Bench installs ansible. But I did not find a hosts file anyplace. The file that has a list of servers such as web servers. Does this just need to be installed on the server as a separate installation.

  2. I have read all the forums and the code. Its called “central”. Do you guys know what this does in total. There is only two references to it in github which is the central.utils and central.signup. I do not think it is open source so if I can find out what it does then I will see if I can find some django code to fill in the blanks. It is the sign up app.

  3. Is there an admin control panel? I have not played with frappe JS. What does it do?

Once I get a working model then I can play and modify everything. I think in total, if there was these things included I would not see ever see a reason to ever use django.