Is Gameplan the same thing as this forum?

Seeing the gameplan publicity on marketplace:

it looks “suspiciously” :wink: like this forum.
How come? Is the underlying software one and the same (maybe with a somewhat different configuration)?


No, Gameplan is different a communication app, made over Frappe Framework.

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Ok, but from the marketplace info, I don’t see the difference to the forum (at least at first and second glance, maybe I’ll find myself a magnifying glass and examine the screenshots more closely). Even attentively reading the github intro page.

Said another way, maybe some more features and attributes in the marketplace info might help people understand what gameplan has IN ADDITION to a forum software.

But anyway, no worry, I’ll find out at some point I guess.

Gameplan is something else … let’s you organize teams, tasks, discussions, information pages …

This forum is made with Discourse (GitHub - discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.)
Hope this helps.

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