Is hrms app required in v15

i have installed v15 : frappe + erpnext
i can see employee List is present in erpnext

the problem is when i installed the hrms v15, everything works fine
but when i install a custom app from v13 frappe erpnext, it through errors

In version 13 HRMS module was in the ERPNext app but in versions 14 and 15 HRMS module is separated from the ERPNext. Only the employee doctype is in ERPNext, everything else is in the HRMS app.

okay, i am facing this issue, i have done installation 3 times and facing the same issue

  • What i did
  1. installed frappe, erpnext, hrms v15 all : till now everything works fine
  2. i installed a custom app, which i have in v13 frappe, erpnext
  3. below errors are coming

also while migrating this one line error comes, which is a problem i guess

How can i make the custom app make work, without this v15 is of no use to me
Please anyone help

You have to migrate or update your custom app to version 15. Any overriding anything and if their path is wrong can also cause problems. Then you have to solve it yourself.

Update your custom app ?
not understand this, you mean their is a command to update a custom app or something?
how to update this ?


Sometimes a custom app doesn’t work in another version because some functionality might be overridden in the newer version, so you need to review the entire code of the custom app again. Also, the names of methods and their paths might have changed, so you need to verify them with the latest version.

I suggest that you first check your app in version 14 and then in version 15. This is because a lot of functionality has changed from version 13 to version 15.


I have resolved many thing, only error is in Employee doctype, because Employee is present in Erpnext not in hrms. (below is the error coming)

The bench migrate also tells, it can’t find the employee doctype

i think somehow, i have to correct the path or something, please guide me, how can i do this, it is complicated, help

create a new site and test it.

i have created the new site 1 hour ago, and installed fresh again everything, frappe, erpnext, hrms, custom app.
don;t thing its an issue

As I mentioned in the previous post: Is hrms app required in v15 - #6 by NCP

You need to review your custom app step by step. Also, check the fixtures file because the issue lies in your custom app. Without the custom app, it works fine.

i found it. YES
change the “module”: “HR” to “module”: “Setup”, here if you have fixture

Thank you @NCP for your suggestion and help

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