Is it generally needed to learn python prior to start learning frappe framework?

Being more of a frontend guy i never learned python or any of its frameworks.
But i have some knowledge of php and basics of one of its frameworks.
The idea of full fledged web-framework, minimum-code, tied up with js and rich Admin UI seemed to me pretty attractive . I want to know frappe and the final question is if i have to start with python (which frankly doesn’t seem appealing in my particular situation…) or still have skip it choice :)?

Thanx a lot dev guys!

I think you should take the “JavaScript Approach” which is, just dive in and learn what you have to. That there is a framework written in my favorite executable pseudocode is pretty cool.

All that said, don’t skip the tutorial: the ~3 hours you spend on it, it will save you n^3 in frustration later on.