Is it possible for a link field in a child table to link to the child documents within itself?

I’ve checked almost everywhere but I’m not finding anything.

Basically I have a Chapter doctype, containing a child table questions. There may occur some questions with subquestions, so I want a question to be able to be linked with questions in the same parent document. Is this possible in any way?

@NonDePlume is better use a tree instead of a child table!

And on the Questionary use a “Multiselect Table”, to add the question sections

Do you mean to convert the child table into a child table + tree or tree only

Doing tree+table doesn’t work as the link fields for old parent and parent are empty.

Nevermind, you can discard my previous comment!

In a traditional database setup, it’s not possible for a link field in a child table to directly link to the kid documents within itself. Link fields typically establish relationships between tables by referencing the primary key of a parent table in a kid table.

Ah, thank you for that.