Is it possible for item to be generalized?


Is it possible for item to be generalized? Like if the items are generic, we would like to make one item for it only, for example the items are “AMD-321” and “AMD-729” they are both generic and both same model and we want them to be in the item name “AMD-CARD”. If we put the item name “AMD-CARD” we want it to show “AMD-321” or “AMD-729” Depending on what we need. Can someone help us with this please?

@kelscey90 maybe you can mention the alternate names in the Item Name / Description?

@rmehta You mean make 2 items? or 1 item then use the description to identify which model it was?

Put the item code as “AMD-CARD” and put description as “AMD-321” and “AMD-729”. And you can always edit the description on transaction (in sales order, sales invoice etc)

Have you tried something called Variants?

You can have a General Item called AMD-CARD then have variants of the AMD-CARD item called AMD-321 and AMD-729, the AMD-321 and AMD-729 items then can have their own descriptions, prices etc. etc. Its quite a useful feature.


Bohlian might have the best answer for you.

This is what we’ve been looking for! Thank you so much! What a great help for us! :smiley:

Btw, Is there a way that if I set the general item “AMD-Card” Then put variants in it. Is there a way that if we made a quotation then type the general item “AMD-Card” the variants will show up under the general item so that we know that those are the variants of that item? Hope you get me.

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hi @kelscey90, no unfortunately I dont think there is such an option (i’ve never came across such an option), if you notice you cannot even select the “AMC-Card” as an item. It is meant to be like a “Generalized Item”.

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