Is it possible in ERPNEXT to limit to one person the power to open and close the POS and all other users if they open the POS will automatically join the opened POS Profile

My setup is this: one cashier servicing multiple salespersons.
The cashier shall do the Opening POS Entry.
All other salespersons shall join the POS Profile the cashier opened. No need for another POS Opening Entry. Then, each of them using the POS in their own respective computers/tablets will register their respective sales but the payment shall be all be registered in this one opened POS.

Unfortunately, that is NOT how the system was designed.

While it makes sense for the Sales Manager to set the Opening POS Entry, each user will be responsible for the cash at their terminal. This is why each POS login is required to open a “Shift” in order to keep track of the sales and receipts of a specific cashier. You can have several cashiers under the same POS profile, but each is responsible for their own shift and cash drawer.

The way you propose would lump all cash and receipts into a virtual single cash drawer and then you would have no way to tell if any specific cashier was cheating the system.

The system was designed to force accountability to each cashier for the monies and receipts they handle for their assigned shift.

You might be able to pay someone to customize your plan for you, but just know that it is a setup for potential theft problems.

Hope this helps.


After thinking about this for a minute more, I believe there is a system that you can use to support your method of sales.

If you only have one cashier that takes the payments maybe at the back of a store and you have multiple sales reps walking around the store to encourage sales, then each of the sales reps would need to generate a “Sales Order” and then when the customer approaches the cashier, the Sales Order is converted to a Sales Invoice to finalize the sale.

While the native ERPNext POS module does not yet support his kind of sales team actions, the POS Awesome add-on application can do it. Even if you cannot get everything you want by this method, it is also possible that the creator of the app @youssef could add any custom extras for you at a reasonable cost. I have had him do custom work for my POS Awesome installs a few times already and the work is always good.

POS Awesome has a setting that allows the sales person to create Sales Orders from their tablet or terminal. Then the cashier would have to use the ERPNext functions to generate a Sales Invoice from the Sales Orders.

This would also then keep track of the Sales Rep that made each Sales Order so you can apportion out any commissions easier.

Maybe this is what you were trying to accomplish?


Try to make all of them use one user account, this is the easiest way to achieve that.

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If you make them all one user account, then it becomes difficult later to sort out exactly which rep is responsible for each sale.

I do have a client that does something similar though. They created each Sales Rep as a Service Item in the Item Master and then put a barcode on the reps badge that they must scan into each sale to record they were the one to help the customer. The Sales Rep essentially becomes a line item in the cart.I guess that could work, but it is kind of clunky.


They can select salesperson directly from POS Awesome, this new feature introduced in the last version 3.3.0

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Thanks for the fast replies and suggested solutions. I would also consider using POSAwesome. Although the first time, I tried it I encountered two issues - 1. I cannot configure the precision factor of the amount (subtotal) per order line (i was able to do this in the default POS, see image below->the item cart amounts); 2. the pricing rule or POS offer is not working properly.

A. PoS Awesome has its own inbuilt reward and promotions program. This has all the features of the Pricing Rule and more.

You can check the Wiki for more on this. I am sure I have writting the docunentation on this, if I have not I will update it over the weekend.

B. Pos Awesome also has an option to hide Shift closing from the cashies, if you chose this in PoS Profile the cashiers will not be able to close, closing will have to be done by the Manager.

C.If you also do not want cashiers to be able to open a new shift, then remove this right from them using role permissions.

If you do B and C above, the cashiers will not be able to start trading until the manger opens the shift for them for the day and the cashiers will also not be able to close shift till the manager does same daily.

Will this help you ?