Is it possible to access erpnext other than IP address


Is it possible to access ERPNext from my own locally self hosted machine at home without needing to type the IP address instead something similar to access a site like normal, example “”. so i want to access using the name “” if that is possible.

no unless you have a local DNS server.

Or… you can use a service like DynDNS, NOIP, or other dynamic DNC serivce that keeps track of your changing home IP address and makes it available to the internet.


You can either run your own private DNS, or edit the /etc/hosts file and add in the entries there. The format would be like this…and you can have multiple lines or even multiple names per line erpnext erpnext.localdomain erpnextv10 erpnext.another.domain.test

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If I’m accessing through my local network, I do what @trentmu described. I edit my /etc/hosts file. And make entries for whatever IP addresses I want. I can also do this on my network router, so the entire site recognizes the name.

If accessing remotely, I have previously used FreeDNS with good success. It’s similar to DynDNS, NoIP, etc.

Today, I just lease remote a few VPS in the cloud. They’re very inexpensive. And I can access my “stuff” from anywhere on the planet (and probably the ISS too. :man_astronaut: )

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