Is it possible to automate the configuration of ERPNext?


is it somehow possible to automate some configuration of ERPNext? For example is it possible to automate the creation of a provider in Integration Social Login Key and filling the fields inside it?

Any example how we can automate the configuration would be helpful!

I tried to dig in bench, but it seems to not be able to do this? Is there any other command line tool that can do that?

One possibility I found is to configure the things I want manually, then export the configuration in JSON format. This can be done by opening the targeted resource/config, then clicking on the 3 dots, then clicking copy. This will copy the config in JSON format., which can be stored in a configuration file.

This JSON configuration file can then be imported using:

bench --site <site name> import-doc /my-config.json

Or a folder of .json config files

bench --site <site name> import-doc /config/

Of course, the JSON config file can be cleaned from the auto-generated things (e.g., creation time).

I guess this is the most proper way to do it.