Is it possible to change fiscal year cycle for current company?

I tried to change fiscal year for an existing company for year ending March 31 to year ending Dec 31. I tried it on v12 and v13-beta. Still cannot do it - even though software seems to allow you to chose the year end date - when you save it - will give error unless it is exactly 12 months from starting date.

So how to accomplish this change? Make new company in same installation and import prior tansactions? New website for new company and import the old transactions? Will the imported transactions align with the new fiscal year going backwards? Is there a way to change this temporarily on server side (frappe) somehow and exceed the 12 month window for a fiscal year?

Sincerely appreciate any thoughts,

Fixed with ERPNext v12.13.0. Many thanks.

Short fiscal year checkbox allows for fiscal years less than 12 months - so cycle can be adjusted to align with any change as may be mandated by govt authorities.