Is it possible to continue tracking changes after submission?

Hi there,

Currently each doctype can enable “Track Changes” option. However, this only works when the form is not submitted. For submitted forms, changes to the form aren’t tracked.

Does anyone know if we can enable the tracking to continue even after form is submitted?

I think ERPNext made sure that submitted document will not be edited, it will only be edited once cancelled and amended. But if you want to track changes when that form is edited you can put a hook that will record it once the on_cancel trigger was triggered.

Not entirely, you can set fields to become “Allow after submit” which will make the field editable after the form is submitted. We have a few instances of this, where we allow user to continuously update the document even after it is submitted.

Problem now is the audit trail is not enabled after submit.

Ohhh that’s new for me. thanks for sharing

yup, not a problem, we’re still trying to locate where this switch is stored… any help is appreciated.

So far we’ve identified there’s a source file that takes care of this, but still can’t pinpoint the exact location where it stops recording changes after form is submitted.