Is it possible to create PO (Purchase Order) directly from BOM (Bill of Material) Items?

is it possible to create PO (Purchase Order) from BOM (Bill of Material) Items , instead of going from Material Request > PO ?

if yes how ?
if no what is the logic behind non-existence of this feature ?

I think the logic behind this is, many times PO is raised clubbing multiple Material Requests and with multiple items which are supplied by the same suppliers. Also there are some processes involved like Supplier Quotations etc before making a PO.

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there’s also the possibility of providing “Production” with existing material in stock from “Warehouse”. So, requirement is 10 units, but procurement knows there’re 4 units in stock, so PO needs to be generated for 6 units “only”.



The core of Planning tool is to start from Sales Orders, where several FGs are collected having separate BOMs and different stock levels.
I guess Planning portion should not be skipped as BOM itself is just a Bill but system comes to know that HOW MUCH from Orders which then fetches WHAT to Produce.
OTOH, it bridges multiple departments like Sales >>> Planning >>> Procurement >>> Production etc.

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