Is it possible to create tabs UI inside doctype?:

I came across the frappe framework and I just started to learn it and develop my first application. I have to say, its really an amazing framework and you guys did an awesome job. I can see that it really has a big potential.

I just have one question, when desgning a doctype, I can only see a column and section breaks, but theres no tabs. Is there a way to have Tabs inside the doctype?
without tabs, some forms get really long and not easy to work with or to quickly find what are you looking for. For example, in human resource application in ERPNext, employe doctype is quite long and have everything in one page with long scrolling. It will be much easier and clearer in tabs structure.

Currently this feature is not available.

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

@ganas welcome to the forum.

Scrolling is a much more natural and web-friendly action than tabs. This is a design decision (we did have tabs at one point!)

I appreciate your prompt reply. So is it possible to make the section break foldable?

Only once (via the Fold) field type.

Is it possible to override this and have more than one fold and can edit the fold label instead of just saying more or less information?
I wanna develop my app in frappe and this can hold me back, so if possible I can make it a paid development

I can’t believe this is the only thing that can hold you back :smile:

Add an issue on GitHub. We can consider paid development.

thanks, I’ve already open an issue in github.
I know the design is suitable for ERPNext where is barely long doctypes, but frappe framework shouldn’t be just limited to ERPNext it should evolve to something bigger, this framework have great potential guys you will realize this later, just look at Sencha Ext JS and you’ll know what i mean.

Thanks for your support, I appreciate it

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