Is it possible to customise the existing reports like Account Receivables


Is it possible to customize the existing reports like Account Receivables without creating a new report?

Adding additional filter or add column that is very specific to an industry.


Same question here!

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I cannot speak from experience, but this suggests no - you must copy/clone an existing report Report customization (Any report) - #3 by vinhnguyent090

Please what is your use case here?

That is what prevents you from creating another report by customizing an existing one?

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We can customise a lot of reports. e.g sales invoice, quotation. However we cant customise Accounting Reports(AR, GL, Trial Balance…).
If ERPNEXT allow us to clone Accounting Reports and do some customisation, that would be great.


That’s right you can customize any no’s of reports in ERPNext.

Cloning means here as @clarkej suggested , you can create new customize app using:

/frappe-bench$ bench new-app command
Inside new app, create new report from GUI(from web interface). (

If you’re on developer_mode, after saving the report system will create new folder for report inside your customize app and you can copy the standard (Account Receivables) report python and javascript files to your new report folder then you can change whatever you want to change.

checkout Bench Commands Cheatsheet ** link for bench commands**

I manage to add in a Script Report. A folder name AR_V1 was created in erpnext/erpnext/accounts/report

I copy all the files in accounts_receivable into AR_V1 folder

Manage to see the original accounts_receivable report and print_format of the report.

I need to add in sales_person and contact person name in the new account receivable report.

Have no idea how to fetch the respective fields into the print_format html file (AR_V1.html).

Please help!


Got Solution for this??