Is it possible to customize the list view of the web form?

How can i customise the List view of Web Form . I want to add custom filter .i dont know where to customise this page

Hii @rik_sanchez

on the doctype_list.js
overrided listview.get_args() function

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@Manav_Mandli this works for the Web Form or on the doctype list ?


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is it possible to provide a screenshot of where your filter is being used?

var searchBox = $('<input>').attr('id', 'search').attr('type', 'text').addClass('form-control input-with-feedback mb-3').attr('placeholder', 'Search...').css('margin', '10px 2px');
	searchBox.css('width', '25%');

	searchBox.on('input', function () {
		var searchText = $(this).val().toLowerCase();

		tbody.find('tr').each(function () {
			var rowText = $(this).text().toLowerCase();

			if (rowText.includes(searchText)) {
			} else {
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is it possible to get the git hub link to get a better idea of the concept . or can you provide a ss of the web form?