Is it possible to disable the setup-wizard

Is it possible to disable the setup wizard when a new site is created and set default settings programmatically? I don’t what to create a new user either, administrator is enough

I have never tested it. But I “think” if you add

skip_setup_wizard = 0

To 'site_config.json', that it will skip the Setup Wizard on startup.

@RWEMA_Aimable did u find any solution?

From bench console, you can call complete_setup_wizard() to programmatically bypass the setup wizard.

Since I set up/drop a lot of sites, I use this script to automatically setup wizard and import required records.

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I try it. But it didn’t work :smiling_face_with_tear:

You need to set "skip_setup_wizard ": 1 in sites/common_site_config.json. I tried it. It works for me (ERPNext/Frappe v14)

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