Is it possible to display through the list of items, all items that are Brand A OR Brand B?

I have 500 items in stock module with different brand.

Is there a way for me to display only the items that are Brand A or Brand B?

I see there on item list there is a function to select brand as filter, but it only gives the option to choose 1 value to enter. I try to manually use comma “Brand A, Brand B” or ; or : or -, but it doesn’t work as there is only 1 value than can be chosen… Did I have the wrong syntax then adding more than 1 values for the same ID field?

If I select 2 fields as brand as 2 filters, the system will try to display all items that have 2 branded, not that I want…

So I am looking to display all items that are Brand A or Brand B
not all items that are Brand A and Brand B



Please share your code @l4cky

Hello @NCP

Actually, I have not written a code and I was thinking that feature would be available by default in Item list during a default erpnext installation.

Do you know what code should I write and where should the code be written? Client side or in the doctype field?

I saw something interesting in this discussion 'OR' in filter with multiple field , but it’s closed.

use custom filter In, the filter value to be manually input, each value separated by comma like below


thanks @szufisher this works! :))

Also thanks @NCP for responding!