Is it possible to extend the POS?

The doctypes can be extended.

Anyone knows if is it possible to extend the POS for customizing it? If it is possible, how to achieve it?

Thanks in advanced

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If your requirement is generic enough, maybe you should post it here and then try and send a Pull Request


@fabyc yes, you can :sunglasses:

Please look into this :

Hi @fabyc,

just saw this thread, maybe this is helpful…

It is a sample code how you can extend the POS menu with more functions, maybe it helps.

Include this in your with something like

# include js in page
# page_js = {"page" : "public/js/file.js"}
page_js = {
    "pos": "public/js/pos_swiss_extensions.js",
    "point-of-sale": "public/js/pos_swiss_extensions.js"