Is it possible to have different invoice sales,item number per company

I have 2 companies A and B

I want items for Company A is like ITM-ABC-XXXX
I want items for Company B is like BAA-ABC-XX

also the same with invoices (sales , purchases)

how can i do it?


Multicompany in ERPNext is sharing same master data then splitting each transaction to respective company’s book.

If your item is different between companies then it’s better to have separate instance for each.
Or you can add custom company field in master item then via custom script you would need to add scripts for validation and filtering to prevent items posted to wrong company

Hope that helps

yes but it will be like this for items
ITM-ABC-0001 reserved at company A
ITM-ABC-0002 reserved at company B
ITM-ABC-0003 reserved at company A

and so on and it is problem