Is it possible to have different url access for customer portal and admin portal?

I would like to have two different url to access the portal as an admin let’s say and share with my customers a different url I’m planning to hide the admin portal from the web through VPN/IP restricted but I need customers to report issues through the customer portal.

Can you be a bit more specific about what you want to do? You can point two domains at erpnext straight out of the box and then give one to customers but keep one for yourself. If you hide the login link, customers will have no click flow leading them to the admin side. The desk site would still be accessible from the customer domain, but people would be unlikely to stumble across it (and unable to access it without login permissions).

If you want truly separate domains, you could probably do that with Nginx routing statements. There’s nothing like that available out of the box.

Thanks Peter… I know that I can redirect the site to the other… however what I want to do is to have 2 different domains: One for customer portal and one for admin portal (which will be behind firewall) - But both sites are the same application. So, let’s say that admin portal redirects to a specific domain and the customer portal to other domain.


Your precise needs still aren’t clear. Can you explain why neither of the two solutions I proposed (which will both give you two domains accessing the site) are not suitable to your goals?