Is it possible to have multiple sub domain for a single domain?

My use case is:
I am trying to create subdomain for each department in a company. For example, lets say I have a company site named . I want to create a department domain for the site named . Similarly warehouse will have its own domain and so on. The goal is to create sub domain for each department under same same domain and site. It is possible?

You may try to create multiple A records for the subdomain and link the same IP address then it will open the same ERP in all.

I think it will not work in a multitenant domain base setup so if you have a single ERP then you will try this it might work.

You can have multiple subdomains for the same Frappe site. Nothing will be different between the sites, but it might be possible to customize that.

What is your goal in doing such arangement?
As @peterg mentioned you can have as many subdomain or domain as you need for a site. Use bench add-domain command (with multitenants on).
But this just make the site accessible from any of those sub/domains (like one big room that has many doors).
But I assume you want to make the big room partitioned for each door?
I think this can be done with role and permissions arrangement. Never do this and have no clue how to do it.