Is it possible to import Journal entries?

We are working on adding a few hundred payments from a Quickbooks installment and moving it into ERPNext. We already have the invoices transferred over but now it’s just getting the payments in to match the invoices. I have tried just about everything I can to make the journal entries import in connection to the invoices but it is getting an issue where it says it cannot create the accounting entries.

And also the csv file exported from the Journal Entries DocType is incorrect.

Can you please share the csv file with sample data for us to try importing it test account.

Hi @ArundhatiS thank you for your response I put together a few entries in the sample file. Everything is the same except the customer names have been changed. Let me know what you think, thank you very much!

As a CSV:

Data Import Template,
Table:,Journal Entry,
Please do not change the template headings.,
First data column must be blank.,
“If you are uploading new records, leave the ““name”” (ID) column blank.”,
“If you are uploading new records, ““Naming Series”” becomes mandatory, if present.”,
Only mandatory fields are necessary for new records. You can delete non-mandatory columns if you wish.,
“For updating, you can update only selective columns.”,
You can only upload upto 5000 records in one go. (may be less in some cases),
DocType:,Journal Entry,~,Journal Entry Account,
Column Labels:,ID,Entry Type,Series,Posting Date,Company,Reference Number,Reference Date,Total Debit,Total Credit,Remark,Pay To / Recd From,Account,Party Type,Party,Reference Type,Reference Name,Is Advance
Column Name:,name,voucher_type,naming_series,posting_date,company,cheque_no,cheque_date,total_debit,total_credit,remark,pay_to_recd_from,~,accounts,party_type,party,reference_type,reference_name,is_advance
Type:,Data (text),Select,Select,Date,Link,Data,Date,Currency,Currency,Small Text,Data,Link,Link,Dynamic Link,Select,Dynamic Link,Select
Info:,“One of: Journal Entry, Bank Entry, Cash Entry, Credit Card Entry, Debit Note, Credit Note, Contra Entry, Excise Entry, Write Off Entry, Opening Entry, Depreciation Entry”,One of: JV-,Valid Company,Valid Account,Valid DocType,“One of: Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Journal Entry, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Expense Claim, Asset”,“One of: No, Yes”
Start entering data below this line,
,Quickbooks-JE-00101,Bank Entry,Quickbooks-JV-,01/06/16,“MLC Industrial, LLC”,1,01/06/16,252,252,Reference #1 $ 252 against Sales Invoice # Quickbooks-SI-00101,Dental Club Florence,Accounts Receivable – MLC,Customer,Kennebec Valley Dental Arts,Sales Invoice,Quickbooks-SI-00101 ,No
,Undeposited Funds - MLC, ,No
,Quickbooks-JE-00102,Bank Entry,Quickbooks-JV-,01/06/16,“MLC Industrial, LLC”,2,01/06/16,252.88,252.88,Reference #2 $ 252.88 against Sales Invoice # Quickbooks-SI-00102,ARC Solutions,Accounts Receivable - MLC,Customer,Advanced Rescue Solutions of Maine,Sales Invoice,Quickbooks-SI-00102 ,No
,Undeposited Funds - MLC, ,No
,Quickbooks-JE-00103,Bank Entry,Quickbooks-JV-,01/06/16,“MLC Industrial, LLC”,4,01/06/16,145.6,145.6,Reference #4 $ 145.60000000000002 against Sales Invoice # Quickbooks-SI-00103,“East Coast Hits, LLC”,Accounts Receivable - MLC,Customer,Atlantic Coast Radio,Sales Invoice,Quickbooks-SI-00103 ,No
,Undeposited Funds - MLC, ,No
,Quickbooks-JE-00104,Bank Entry,Quickbooks-JV-,01/06/16,“MLC Industrial, LLC”,5,01/06/16,20,20,Reference #5 $ 20 against Sales Invoice # Quickbooks-SI-00104,Jeremy Renner,Accounts Receivable - MLC,Customer,Jeremy Parker,Sales Invoice,Quickbooks-SI-00104 ,No
,Undeposited Funds - MLC, ,No
,Quickbooks-JE-00105,Bank Entry,Quickbooks-JV-,01/06/16,“MLC Industrial, LLC”,6,01/06/16,60,60,Reference #6 $ 60 against Sales Invoice # Quickbooks-SI-00105,Michael Gulch,Accounts Receivable - MLC,Customer,Mike Gleich,Sales Invoice,Quickbooks-SI-00105 ,No
,Undeposited Funds - MLC, ,No


Data seems to be fine. Perhaps you can with one Journal Entry first. If everything works fine (including Customer naming you are referring to), you can import rest of the JVs as well.

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