Is it possible to make a client script with query, that offers autocomplete list for field type "Data"? (not for "Link" field)

This feature is important in order to have more standard names in the company and to be able to edit what is offered in the list of autocomplete suggestions. it is faster and more convenient.

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Using a client script, you can execute arbitrary javascript at a number of different moments in the form loading process. With that, you could do pretty much anything you want, including using custom field libraries, etc.

search input does not exist in erpnext . you can manually add the list just below the datafield using javascript .you’re gonna face some problems to make it fit perfectly .

Have a look in frappe/public/js/frappe/views/communication.js.

This is the dialog used to send email within ERPNExt.

Check the “MultiSelect” fields, which are used to input email addresses; it suggests emails from the contacts, but you can still enter something that doesn’t exist in the list of suggestions.

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Another example is the awesome bar at the top right.


It uses an Awesomplete control

I ever hacked the Data field as Link field with property no validation check

in more detail,

  1. define the field as Data fieldtype in DocType
    2.hacked make_control js method, change the control type to Link and set no validation property