Is it possible to make a service visit / service report of any one person from company and between the customer?

is it possible to create a document which is contain the

  1. Subject / Visit purpose / Project Name :
  2. Agenda :
  3. Observation :
  4. conclusion
  5. customer name :
  6. date
  7. time to and from

please suggest how to make or it is already there please suggest if any idea

@ravi.kaneria take a look into “Maintenance Visit Schedule” and “Maintenance Visit”

thanks for your replay but my requirement is just engineer visit and then claim the expenses for the same in between the below format is the ideal and simple

Visit for : Visit for i need the explain my project
Visit to : Customer Name
Visit to Address :
with someone :

Agenda : To diss about new project and take order for the same

Observation :

  1. Customer with big potential
  2. per month many requirements of big project
  3. very simple system requirements

Conclusion :

  1. customer likes the 1st module
  2. Some modification required at module no 3
  3. need do 2 more visit for the confidence building

Customer Comment :
can reply from his mail id when this report send to them

report of the visit :
Document Status : Completed

Like to make from Visit Document …

  1. Expense Clam (Distance is predefined and base on that it will calculate the total Expense
    e.g. per km 5 rs and customer place is far from office is 10 then
    total expense = 10 km * 2 (return to office ) * 5 (per km) = 100

please give idea about the same it will be great for the society which is also non profitable and also small scale ind which have 3 4 person company