Is it possible to mass enable specific sections in a form based on a selection in a field in the same form?

Sample Scenario:
choose options;
Job Applicant, Employee, Crew member
if job applicant;
section; documentations, work history etc is activated
if employee;
section; leave application, add new qualifications etc
if crew member;
section; apply for leave, report accidents etc

This is an unrealistic sample scenario, but i hope it makes the idea of what i’m thinking clearer.


Yes, this can be done. In Customize Form, you will have to add a condition in the Depends To box of the dependent section.

For example, in the Employe master, I need to activate the Exit section only if the Employee’s status = Left. In that case, in the Depends To box of the exit section, I need to add the following:

eval: doc.status == “Left”

Check the screenshot below for more clarity: