Is it possible to open a child table in a quick entry form?

I’m making a course registration form, where I need to store the chapters, and in each chapter, store the topics.

At first I wanted to make the chapters a child table, with topics as a child table inside the chapter table, but I don’t think its possible.

Another idea I had was to create a new doctype chapters, and link the courses and the chapter doctype, and inside the chapter, there would’ve been a child table for topics.

  • My idea was to add a button in course which would lead to a quick entry form where I could add the topics and save it.
  • But child tables also don’t show up in the quick entry form, instead opening the normal form for the chapter.
  • Also the form opens in the same tab itself, which means after adding a chapter, I have to navigate back all the way to the course doctype again.

Is there any way to save both the chapters and topics? Is there a way to bring out the topics table in the chapter quick entry form? Or is there a way to open the chapter doctype in a new tab instead atleast?