Is it possible to run erpnext from my website through SDK for School Masters

I want to run ERPNext schools module through my website and custom android app. My questions are as below and I am very unknowledgeable about these things and please forgive me for these. I am actually planning to give services to schools for automatic attendence, school management, Homework auto sms to parents, notices sms, schools accounts management etc. I will be competing with existing companies who are offering these services at around 100 Rs. Per student per anum. That’s why I am thinking on these lines as it will be impossible if I pay per user to ERPNext which comes out more than 200 Rs. per month per user which is not viable in this kind of business.

  1. If it’s possible to run ERPNext schools module through my website.
  2. If it’s possible to run ERPNext android app through my custom android app.
  3. I want to brand my own business and give schools my website to insert daily information to be conveyed to parents like homework, notices etc.
  4. How can I collaborate with ERPNext to achieve my above goal.
  5. I have heard that with proper SDKs it’s possible to run software through a own website although I am not sure. One company who is dealing in schools management business is ready to make custom website and custom app with my company branding and through SDKs they will run their services on my personal branded website and mobile app.
    I hope I have clarified my thoughts here

Thank you

HI @Amarjeet_Singh_Sintu

well I try:

  1. If you mean by “run” populate data in the school module via your website ?
    Yes you can do so if your Website and its corrsponding modules can use the ERPNext API

  2. No that does not make sense - but you can maybe rebrand ERPNext APP (Check for Copyrights) or have your app using ERPNext API

    1. maybe someone from frappe or the foundation will be able to answer this
  3. that I don´t know since I dont understand what you mean, sorry