Is it possible to run multiple sites simultaneously

I want to run 2 sites running at the same time in one vm the first with erpnext and the second just frappe for app development; it would be better if they were both running on same host(localhost:8080,localhost:80…) but different ports

ive tried port multi tenancy but the second site port 82 wasnt displaying anything whether all the commands were successfully runt no errors
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@Oasis_Agano what have you tried and where are you stuck?

ive tried port based multi tenancy and everything went well no errors bu the second instance doenst appear on port 82,8082…

ive tried to do it on both developer and production versions

Checkout if those ports are open and available to bind. restarting services or changing to other ports will help.
Also don’t forget to open these ports on your firewall if you have one.
Disable SELinux or set it to permissive mode.

Development and Production port based / named multi-tenancy works perfectly fine for me.

@Oasis_Agano here is a similar topic Multi-tenant issue - #8 by shamsheer
It looks there is a solution

Let me try them out