Is it possible with erpnext - One sales order with multiple delivery times

Need advise from advanced users/developers :smile:
I have situation that we have one contract(sales order) for product production and delivery. Contract is split in many deliveries.
Is it possible to follow up deliveries not by whole contract but by delivery. Example below:

Contract for delivery of the following products:
Product A , total 1000 pcs
Product B, total 2000 pcs

january: product A - 100 pcs, Product B -100 pcs
february: product A -35 pcs, Product B - 50 pcs
march: product A - 75 pcs, Product B -200 pcs
sorry for my poor english, but i hope you understand what i mean …

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Yes you can. All transactions are many to many.

Click on “From Sales Order” button in the Delivery note and update your quantities.

@umair kb issue?