Is it recommended to install ERPNext in ubuntu 20.04 or windows 10 (Virtual box)?

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I am a newbie to the ERPNext and the forum as well.
I need your advice to set up ERPNext on my local machine and I want to restore the backup file of ERPNext.

Question: Is it recommended to install ERPNext in ubuntu 20.04 or windows 10 (Virtual box)?

Note: I tried the below method but the production image link is not accessible.

ERP Next implementation on Desktop

Link for Production Image of ERP Next

Please share the links showing the installation procedure and software setup link as well.

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ERPNext depends on the following packages: Python, node, Redis and mariadb.
Though these packages work on Widows also, these are native to Linux. Hence it would be recommended to use Ubuntu as you are anyway going to use VirtualBox for the same.

Need Help.

I got stuck while setting up ERPNext.
I followed this link How To Install ERPNext in Ubuntu 20.04 – A Step by Step Guide - YouTube
Please check the attached error images and advice on how to move forward.

for MariaDB 10.6 try mysql.global_priv instead of mysql.user

In MariaDB 10.4 and later, the mysql.global_priv table has replaced the mysql.user table, and mysql.user should be considered obsolete. It is now a view into mysql.global_priv created for compatibility with older applications and monitoring scripts.

more info:

@revant_one thanks for the help. I will try and get back to you if I need any help.

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