Is it safe to delete these files?

When I created my ERPNext server on a VPS host, I found 3 files in the default user home directory:

  • passwords.txt

Is it ok to delete these files?


yes it’s safe, but batter to take a copy of “passwords.txt” as it contains all the password for installation

only i have doubt with file

Yeah… I didn’t think I would need the any longer, and I have the passwords stored elsewhere.

I just do not know what does or if it is useful after the install.


It’s ok to remove
It is used to install pip.

After thinking on this a bit, I have decided it was probably NOT a good idea to delete the file. Since this file changes frequently during the course of the progression of version point updates, it is probably better to keep it around to see exactly how my particular version was installed and what parameters were setup behind the scenes.

Since I am forced to stick with whatever version was live at the time of install…

(Clients require 24-36 months of absolute stability in the versions of installed software)

… then I probably should have kept that file.

Just my thoughts.