Is Match Payments with Invoices deprecated in v13

I am looking at upgrading to v13 from v12. One thing I noticed is that Match Payments with Invoices is missing in v13, has this been deprecated?
If So what is the alternate to this functionality?

You can use Payment reconciliation tool !!!

I tried it but it does not fetch payment entries for an unknown reason.

Can you send a us Screenshot for more clarity ?

I can See the same working in
Thanks for your reply.

Click on Get Unreconciled Entries

And check your ERPNext Version are on latest release version 13.2.2 !!!

Yes I am on latest release, here is what I did,

  1. I imported bank transactions from the statement downloaded from bank.
  2. I ran the payment reconciliation tool, selected appropriate company, customer and other required fields and then clicked Get Reconciled Entries.
  3. On clicking that button it does nothing even after waiting for around 5 minutes, doesn’t pull any entries to reconcile.

p.s. I have tried it once with bank narration into reference field and once with bank narration in description field, both did not work.

I have done this thing on v12 but I don’t know why is it not working for me in v13. However v13 is a fresh install, I did not upgrade through bench.