Is my passing parameter is correct for bench-import

bench data-import --type Insert --mute-emails 0 --submit-after-import 0 --doctype "Employee Checkin" --file Employee_Checkin.csv

but I got this

Got unexpected extra arguments (0 0)

the command is proper but checks like
Can you verify that the CSV file Employee_Checkin.csv exists in the specified location and that it is accessible?

If an issue is faced again then I think analyze/check the import process via command.
We haven’t tried to import data via command so …

Thank You!

yes sure, the file is inside the bench folder and content of file is fine I can import in thru the web interface work just normal. but when I try with same file with command does not work.

I also try with other option

bench data-import --doctype "Employee Checkin" --file Employee_Checkin.csv

but does not work.

  • The options --mute-emails and --submit-after-import are flags. They cannot have a value.
  • Try specifying the absolute path to file.