Is notify by email no longer in subscriptions?

It looks like subscription used to have a “Notify by email” checkmark, but I don’t see that now. Was the feature removed or is it available elsewhere?

The screenshot below is from the old layout.

Bumping this back up to see if anyone has any input.

No, the feature is not removed. I am using V13

you can search the Notification List in the search box.

Yes, you can edit the templates used for Notifications in the Notification List, but I’m referring to the function that will automatically email a customer when a subscription generates an invoice.

Are you mentioning Subscription or Auto Repeat?
The old Subscription was renamed to Auto Repeat in v12.
This is screenshot from v12 Auto Repeat still have Notify by Email checkbox down below.

I guess it would be generally a good practice to be more specific then ‘new’ and ‘old’ when talking about versions.

@rahy I am referring to V12 Subscription. I have attached a screenshot of my subscription screen. There is no “Notify” section.

This is specifically:
ERPNext: v12.13.0 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.11.0 (version-12)

Hi @jasonh,
I don’t understand what you meant by old Subscription in your first post. From the picture I doubt it is Subscription (renamed to Auto Repeat in v12) or the new v12 Subscription → The doc is QTN- and the name is SUB-.

The picture I gave above is similar to the v10 Subscription below

While in your last post it is the v12 Subscription. And I think there has never been checkbox for notify by email.

The change is like this:

  • to manage recurring document: v10 Subscription → v12 Auto Repeat
  • to manage subscription sales: not exist in v10 → v12 Subscription

I think you are correct. Thanks